Featured Athlete: Sarah Bury

Photo Source: PSHS Facebook Girls Basketball Page

Photo Source: PSHS Facebook Girls Basketball Page

Jena Miller and Gianna Aromando

Name: Sarah Bury

Sport: Basketball

Position: Point Guard

Height: 5’6


Meal: BLT sandwich

Music: Any type of music, nothing specific

Motivation: thinking about the big picture and bringing a district title back to Poland


Seminarian: Why is basketball your favorite sport?

Sarah:  It’s a lot of fun playing with my teammates, and it is very competitive.

Sem: Why do you play?

S: I’ve been playing since I was very young and enjoy all of the aspects of the game.

Sem: What does your off season consist of?

S: A lot of training like AAU, summer gym, and at home in my driveway

Sem: How do you feel about having been a part of very successful seasons the past couple of years?

S: Good, it’s been fun to be able to win big games with my team.

Sem: How do you feel your injury will affect you and the team the rest of this year?

S: Not a big set back. I will be out for a couple of games, but we will be fine come tournament time.

Sem:  How would you like this season to end? What are you looking forward to your senior year?

S: We would like to go undefeated and win districts again. Next year, I have the same goals, just keep improving as team and getting better.