Wrestling Update 12/20/17


The Wrestling Dogs have started their season with six matches and a record of four and two.

At the most previous tournament, freshman Daniel Adams placed second, and the team placed tenth place with a total of 55 points.

The goal of the team is to have as many people qualify to states as possible. The team is preparing to reach this goal by doing lots of running and rigorous conditioning.

The season is a very special one for this year’s seniors.

Senior Michael Costello said, “I’ve been wrestling for 13 years. We have a chance to make it to state if we train hard and have good practices.”  

Costello also reflected about the pressures of the season and how he and the team are having fun while working their hardest.

Costello said, “A big responsibility [is to lead the team]. For me as a team leader, I make sure my teammates are working hard and having fun.”

Good luck, Wrestling Dogs!