Holiday Trip to Kraynak’s


Photo Credit: Reporter Lily Baird

Kraynaks was established in 1949 in Hermitage, Pa. It is a family owned business that promotes fair prices and quality products. Many families over the years have come to Kraynaks around the Holiday season to come and walk through what they call “Santa’s Christmas Land.”

Photo Credit: Reporter Lily Baird

From September 10 – December 31, “Santa’s Christmas Land” will be open for families to come and to enjoy. Imagine a world of make believe with glistening lights and sparkling trees with magical life-like characters all accompanied by Christmas music playing in the background.

Each tree has a specific theme with a gorgeous scenery around it and a cast of animated characters that look realistic.

Just when you think the fun is over and your exiting Christmas Land, they have a huge shop of trees and ornaments to buy. They even have a real life Santa to pose in pictures with children.  

Personally, my family and I go every year, and we have made it a tradition that will last a lifetime. If you have time to stop by Kraynaks this year, I would strongly suggest taking some time to see “Santa’s Christmas Land,” it will definitely be worth it.