This Is Us: Overview and what to expect in the upcoming new episodes


Lily Baird, Staff Writer


This Is Us is a show on NBC about siblings Kevin, Kate, and Randall Pearson (also known as “The Big Three”) and their parents Jack and Rebecca Pearson. In the first couple episodes of season 1, we find out that Jack is dead because of one of the conversations Kate has with her boyfriend (now fiance) Toby. During season 2, it was hinted he possibly died in a house fire.  

In the last 3 episodes, we learned more about the backgrounds of each of the children and how they came to be the people that we know them as now. We first learn about Kevin, who is number one of the three, his high school football career, and how he was being accepted into colleges on football scholarships. Sadly, we then learn that, after a bad tackle, Kevin broke his leg and could never play football again. This then inspired him to be the actor we know him as today. Recently, he injured his leg again on a movie. He became addicted to painkillers and has hit an all time low.

Then, we learn about Kate, who is number two of the three, and her background for her love of music. She was going to apply to a music school as her college until her mother found out about it and told her that she would help her, making Kate self conscious and therefore changing her decision about wanting to attend the music school.

Lastly, we learn about Randall and how his father William left him when he was born, but did not reconnect with him until he was older because he did not want to take Randall away from his family. Also, we learn about how he, from the time he was little, searched for his real parents at the supermarket and in the paper because he never felt like he didn’t belong being black in a neighborhood and family of white people. This then supports his decision of going to Howard University instead of going to Harvard. This episode concluded with Kevin getting pulled over while drunk, driving with Randall’s daughter Tess in the backseat.

In the new episode to come, Jack comes home from work with news for the whole family: the family is taking a vacation to the Poconos! In the present time, “the Pearsons come together under unexpected circumstances” according to the official synopsis of the show. Judging by the end of the most recent episode, fans are thinking that it has something to do with Kevin’s new addiction to painkillers.

The new episode premieres Tuesday, January 9th at 9/8 c.