Tips for Midterms


Midterms are a very stressful time for students all around the world. They encompass all of the content you have learned in class and compile it all into one test. Here are a few tips you can do to make taking midterms easier and less stressful. We asked several students their tips on how to get the best results on their midterms.

PSHS Midterm Schedule

Period Jan. 18 Time Jan. 19 Time
Period 1 7:45 -9:11 2 7:45 -9:11
Period 3 9:14 – 10:40 4 9:14 – 10:40
Period 5 11:45 – 1:11 6 11:45 – 1:11
Period 7/MU 1:14 – 2:42 7/MU 1:14 – 2:42


Junior Dani Scott says that she starts studying in advance instead of waiting until the day before because waiting will get you nowhere.

Scott said, “Depending on the subject, the way I study differs, but I mainly like to study alone and in a quiet environment.”

Senior Monica Kurjan says, although she does not have as many midterms this year as she did last year, she plans to study with friends and classmates.

Kurjan also takes classes at YSU which consist of a different testing schedule.

Freshman Jared Morucci said, “I like to make flashcards in advance once I know what is going to be on the test.”

Morucci also said that it helps to make study guides and to start studying as soon as possible instead of putting it off until the last minute.

As seniors, some of the personal tips we have gained over the years for midterms can be very helpful and reliant. Some of these tips include going to talk to your teacher during study halls or office hours if you do not understand and need help; use your fellow classmates to your advantage and ask for help if needed or volunteer to help others in areas you succeed in. We hope these tips help you with midterms and other tests in general!