Athlete of the Month: Mark Lanterman


Danielle Scott, Co-Editor

Mark Lanterman, junior, was nominated January’s athlete of the month; a great talent to start off the 2018 year!

Lanterman started swimming his freshman year when he did not know how to swim or even the basic principles. He said he started swimming because “it was just something to do but then [he] liked it.”

His friend Nico Lattanzio, junior, originally convinced him to do it, but now, he looks up to Michael Phelps and other Olympians to inspire him to keep working.

He has come such a long way and is now one of the best male swimmers on the team. He swims 100 yard backstroke, 100 yard freestyle, and is in two relay teams. His best time for his 100 yard freestyle is 52.05 which is 9 seconds off from breaking the school record, which is the goal for this year. His 100 yard backstroke is a 1.04, which is also not far off from the school record.

When asked what he learned most, he said, “It’s not all about winning; yah gotta have some fun, too!”

He loves the sport and hopes to continuing swimming after his high school career.

The next meet is on Friday, January 19, in Warren-Harding, and he hopes to break that record and that anyone willing should come watch!