Meet Ms. Nicholson, New Choir Director

Meet Ms. Nicholson, the new choir director at Poland Seminary High School and Poland Middle School. Ms. Nicholson has come to Poland all the way from Waterloo, Ohio, where she was a choir teacher before. Ms. Nicholson plans to build the choir program and has already started. The Poland choir and acapella group has already received a lot of attention this fall, and will continue to for the rest of the year!

Seniors Mackenzie Baker and Sarina Krell, who have been involved in Poland’s choir since middle school, shared some of their thoughts on the changing program.

A big difference this year compared to last year they said, is that Poland now has a choir director who can focus on the choral department only, instead of having to balance both band and choir. Having more attention going to the program is definitely beneficial. The choir boosters are also in action this year, so fundraising will be done throughout the year.

Krell said that she stays in choir because it’s something that she has always loved to do, but she also loves “watching the choir program turn into something good.”

Baker also said that she loves being in choir because she can “help the underclassmen grow.”

Krell looks forward to the choir plans for the future, and by the end of the year, she hopes that the choir not only grows in numbers but has a reputation that makes people want to join.