The Flu Outbreak


Every year Americans all around the country line up for flu shots and stock up on warm clothes and medicine to get ready for the upcoming flu season. However, this year, the flu struck a lot harder than expected and has caused fear and even death among many. The reason that this year’s flu season is so bad is partially due to the fact that this specific strain of flu, called influenza B, originated from Japan and Australia. Due to its exotic nature, the immune system of those who live in American and European countries are not prepared to deal with the disease, leaving the U.S. vulnerable to the virus.


While waiting for the flu to pass by, remember to practice good hygiene and dress warmly during this cold season. Be sure to keep yourself well hydrated and be wary of symptoms such as chills, fatigue, congestion, runny nose, sore throats, and headaches, as they are all common symptoms of the flu. Should you find yourself with any of these symptoms, rest yourself immediately. While the cold season is still amongst us and disease is still in the air, make sure to not take any risks. And remember, the flu this year is no ordinary flu.