ACT guidelines

Gianna Hryb, Photographer/Staff Writer

With the year halfway over, a lot of juniors and even some sophomores are rushing to get their ACT done in order to apply for college. There really is no wrong way to prepare, but there are some tips to make taking the ACT more comfortable.


The First tip is to take it as many times as you can. Every student can take it as many times as possible, this allows you to have a lot of opportunities in order to raise your score up.


Another tip is to not procrastinate. Study as soon as you find out what month you’re planning on taking it, and try to get as much time in as possible.


Time management is a good tip as well. Time management is extremely important and every student should learn how to manage their time, so they can complete every section thoroughly. Whenever you’re studying time yourself, so you know what you’re struggling with the most. That way you can improve yourself not only on that specific section but all the sections, so by the time the test comes. You finish each section with time to spare.


Some other tips are to eat breakfast and bring a snack, even if you’re not a breakfast eater because, as you know, it’s the most important meal of the day. Your body needs the energy to function to its best ability. So eat the most nutritional breakfast you can. Therefore you can be full and not worried about being hungry during the test. If bring a snack, during the break you get from the second section to the third section, you can get a bit of energy and all the nutrition you can get to finish it out, feeding your mind and body.


The last tip is to just relax! The ACT can be a very stressful test and sends a lot of people in panic mode.However, if students apply these steps and put in the effort, it is sure to give anybody their goal score.