Alexis DeMain Signing


On Monday, April 20, Alexis DeMain signed with Wheeling Jesuit University to continue both her academic and soccer career. Friends and family joined Alexis in the fieldhouse lobby to congratulate and support her on her future.

Prior to her signing, Alexis was captain of the Poland Seminary High School soccer team and previously was named defensive player of the year.

When asked what made Alexis choose Wheeling Jesuit University, DeMain replied, “I really think it fits my personality. They are really big in making everything they do like a family.”

DeMain plans to prepare for the jump from high school and club soccer to soccer at a collegiate level.

DeMain said, “I am going to actually have to study in school, which won’t be easy. Soccer will also be a challenge, but I will just need to work my hardest and push myself along with my new teammates.”

There are going to be many differences and new faces and experiences at Wheeling Jesuit University.

According to DeMain, she thinks the biggest adjustment will be leaving her family.

She said, “I am really close with my family. But, I am excited to meet all new girls and have a new way of playing. Everyone will be in the same boat, making all new adjustments in how to play and the way people play around you.”

DeMain plans to major in accounting because she has always been good at math, and it really interests her, so she thinks it is the perfect fit.

We wish Alexis DeMain the best of luck at Wheeling Jesuit University!