Inspiration Flow Chart – What Inspired PSHS Teachers


By: Dani Scott

When it comes to school, it is not everyone’s favorite thing, but there is always one period that we all look forward to the most; whether it be because all our friends are in it, or because of that one teacher that makes your day worth it and inspires us all to keep going. Many of us look up to teachers, but what do teachers look up to?

Mrs. Ross said, “I enjoyed helping friends with math homework in high school, so that is what got me started.”

She went to Kent State University and strived for education in math all the way through. Currently, she is still teaching math, the highest levels in high school, and she is inspired by her own students who let her know her teaching is all worth while when they say they are also going on in a math direction.

Newly-wed Mrs.Kasten, formally known as Ms.Gessler, was inspired by teachers when she was in high school and college. Specifically, her high school chemistry teacher, Mr. Snyder, and her college professor Dr. Wakefield. They both had the same compassionate and caring personalities that helped her decide that she wanted to be the same kind of kind-hearted people they were.

Mr. Snyder even taught her to love chemistry, which is what she started out as her major before she switched to Education. She believes in helping and interacting with people, which is what lead her to become a teacher.

Today, she loves what she does because she loves to “watch students grow and realize their worth.”

Everyday, we are inspired by our teachers, and they are what make the education system so strong at Poland Seminary High School. We are surrounded by dedicated teachers, and we should be thankful for all their work that they do for us. Although there is one specific week for teacher appreciation, we still should thank them as much as we can, as they are helping shape all of our futures.