Lifelong Learning Journey: Mr. Martin’s Inspiration


After I graduate from Poland Seminary High School, I plan to attend Youngstown State University and study Telecommunications with a Sports Broadcasting Track. Sports have always been a major part of my life, and I could not imagine a career without the involvement of sports. With this degree, I hope to move to a big city and either work for an on air sports broadcast company, or any individual team themselves. I wish to specialize in baseball and football.

I have had these plans for quite some time now, and my mind has not faltered since this goal popped up there. Along the way, I have had some stand out people help lead me on this path. One of those amazing people who jumps to my mind the most is my seventh grade teacher whom is now at the high school, Mr. Martin.

In seventh grade, I had Mr. Martin for two classes, social studies and science. He was my favorite teacher, so much that in eighth grade, instead of having a study hall, I would go to his classroom everyday and be his student aid.

Fast forward to the middle of high school, and he makes the move up here. At the high school level, I never had him as a teacher again, but I always made sure to stop and talk to him in the mornings or in between classes.

Mr. Martin has always known about my love for sports, and that’s what we talk about whether it be about the game from last, how we think the season will go, or about my latest article that I wrote.

From seventh grade all the way to the end of my senior year, Mr. Martin and I continue to have conversations about sports, I know he will always be supporting my decision to pursue a career in sports broadcasting.