An Exception Made for Exceptional Students


As we searched the halls for the 2018 Seminarian’s last ‘Student of the Month,’ we found that two students deserve the recognition; Galena Lopuchovsky and Jake Snyder, juniors, are two very ambitious and worthy students. This year, they were awarded Student Ambassador by the Poland Schools Foundation because of their hard work in all that they do.

The Student Ambassador is a job that requires effort and determination, which is all that Snyder and Lopuchovsky embody. To get this, one must be a junior with qualifications and good grades that go on a compelling resumè along with an essay.  Normally, there is just one winner, but this year, the foundation made an exception due to the overwhelming success of these two students.

Snyder said that he thinks he has “proven my appreciation through education and [his] dedication to the community,” in reference to why he believed he won it.

A student ambassador must help with keeping their peers up to date about the Poland Foundation, as well as speak on their behalf and share the Poland Local Schools Foundation’s news and updates. They also will earn $500 at an awards banquet, occurring next year after all their work has been put in.

Lopuchovsky said that she is “very grateful for the opportunity the foundation has given [her], and [she] hopes to contribute to the tradition of excellence that the foundation strives for in our community.”

They both hope to learn lots from this experience to help them with their later years in life and to become the leaders they wish to be. Excellent work to Galena and Jake for their efforts!