Why You Should Join The Seminarian


Zachary Morocco, Staff Writer

A high school newspaper is an awesome experience that students should experience, and that’s exactly what joining the Seminarian gives students an opportunity to do. It gives one the ability to share opinions that one would never have the chance to otherwise. As a staff writer, one also will be able to communicate with other students who one may not have been introduced to, allowing him or her to see a different perspective on an issue.

Not only will staff writers gain the opportunity to meet new people and share ideas, but one will also be developing skills for the future while participating in the Seminarian. Joining Seminarian gives one a chance to gain experience with researching many different topics on the internet also working with social media to spread ideas or views in a professional way. Staff writers will be writing for diverse audiences and stories that will be exposed to a greater audience than just the classroom.

When asking Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Kasten about the positives of being apart of a school newspaper, they said, “It allows students to communicate with others they otherwise wouldn’t have a chance to, as well as gain diverse views on many topics.”

They also emphasized the importance of students sharing the news with the rest of the school.

The advisers said, “It gives students a chance to share accomplishments and perspectives with the rest of the school”

There are many ways one can benefit from joining Seminarian both now and in the future. It should be in one’s best interest if looking to open up, share ideas, learn journalism skills, meet new people, or even just looking for experience and building skills to better one’s future.

If you’re interested and looking to join the Seminarian staff, the application is posted at pshsem.com, and you will be evaluated based off of commitment, interest, availability as well as grades to prove you will be a productive member of the team.