Giving A Little to Help A Lot


Jena Miller and Gianna Aromando

Poland Seminary High Schools’ Student Council hosted the annual Red Cross Blood Drive which took place in the fieldhouse. We spoke to student council president, Lauren Pepperney and some of the participants.

Lauren Pepperney, a senior and the president of Student Council, reflected on how much this blood drive truly makes a difference.

Pepperney stated, “This drive helps those in need and brings awareness to how useful giving blood can be.”

She believes so many people are willing to participate because they realize how great of a cause it is and they enjoy helping others.

 Grant McConnell, a senior and blood drive participant, said he decided to donate blood because “One life makes a difference and that’s all it takes. So, I will seize the opportunity to be that life.”.   

 Dani Scott, a junior, also took time out of her day to donate.

Scott stated, “I give blood every year and feel its the least I can do for those in need.”

PSHS Student Council plans to continue the blood drive in the upcoming years and cannot thank the donors enough for their help and selflessness.