Student Begins Entrepreneurial Journey


David Cinco, Staff Writer

Nick Scacchetti,  a senior at Poland Seminary, had an idea and put it into action a little over a year ago. Scacchetti started a  T-shirt business named Waif that has evolved into a huge success. He decided to name his business Waif solely because he wanted to name it something different that stood out. 

The company ships worldwide and items range at a price of $10 to $50 amounts. The biggest inspiration for the company he had was music.

Scacchetti said, “ I grew up in the MTV generation (early 2000’s), full of independents trying to make it out of small towns and make big money; it really shaped my perspective of the artists. Hip Hop specifically placed extreme value on presentation, being original and changing things up. Hip-hop has brought me into a more underground community where I discovered my biggest inspiration ZACFTP. Zac started FTP with no intentions of hype nor hurting people’s feelings. He just put raw thoughts down onto textiles. I always liked that about him and seeing that is what really gave me my drive to start and keep going.”

The ideas of his shirts are raw and original thoughts that just come to him. After he decides on a design, he puts them on textiles and makes the shirts. Waif is still in the process of expansion. The newest goals of the company are collaborations and winter gear.

Next year, Scacchetti plans to go to college to study fashion business management.

To any aspiring business majors, Scacchetti said,  “Just support what supports you, and things will work in your favor.”

If you are interested in looking at some of Scacchetti’s merchandise you can go to