Girls Soccer Senior Night Celebration


By, Emily Gerak, Staff Writer

Many schools and teams have traditions, and Poland Seminary High School is no different. Every year, The Poland Girls Soccer Team has a tradition of decorating lockers for their fellow team mates. They are usually done on the day they play Canfield or on Senior night, which was when they were decorated this year on Wednesday, September 28. Lockers are run by the junior members of the team; juniors decorate the senior lockers, and then, everyone else writes what they want in their lockers on paper, and they are chosen through  picking them randomly from a bag.



The Poland Soccer Girls Senior Night was on September 28 2016, where they honored their six seniors: Jessica Miller, Kaitlyn Shorter, Alena Argero, Brianna Craig, Meredith Garthwait, and Sarah Burkert. These seniors have all been playing soccer since they were only a few years old. One of the most touching moments of the night was when Brianna Craig’s favorite memory was announced over the loudspeaker.

The announcer said,  “Bri’s best soccer memory was being able to play with her younger sister, Cierra Craig, this season in soccer!”

Everyone on the team is very sad that this is their last year playing soccer with them; however, we all wish these seniors good luck for the rest of their season and the rest of their lives when they graduate from Poland High School.

The Girls Soccer Team seniors pose on the field with their parents on September 28.