The Return of Mr. Daley


This year, Mr. Daley returned to the high school as assistant principal, and is enjoying his seventeenth year in the Poland Local School District.

In the past, Mr. Daley was caught by surprise when they asked him to move to Dobbins and take the principal job.

“It was just a move that I never even thought of because of how much I loved being at the high school, ” said Daley.

After several successful years at Dobbins Elementary School, the district combined schools. It just so happened that there was an administrative opening at the high school where he first began his administrative career.

“After Mr. Gondol [past assistant principal] left to be with his family, Mr. Ashcroft came as a one year fill in and when he left this job, it just seemed most natural for me to take the position.”

Although a change from Dobbins to the high school seems like a big change, Mr. Daley seems to be adjusting quite well.

“So far I’m very happy with the transition, I’m extremely impressed with the staff and students.”

The high standards of the high school didn’t change, making the transition easier.

“The students still keep themselves to a high standard which our staff continues to be proud of on a daily basis.”

Daley also talked about former high school students calling and giving positive feedback on how well prepared they are for college.

Daley thinks one of the best ways to succeed is by failing and learning from one’s mistakes. 

“One of the things I always told parents in conferences is that it’s okay for their students to fail at one point and that I hope it happens. The parents always would give me a weird look until I would explain to them that I would much rather their child fail here [where teachers can help] and learn from their either bad studying habits or any mistakes than to fail six hours away.”

These words of wisdom are echoed in commencement addresses by Steve Jobs and JK Rowling too.

Prior to an administrative career, Mr. Daley was an English teacher at the high school. His favorite class to teach was Advanced Placement English 12, which he taught for one year before transitioning to an administrator role. He loved research and composition, which was a class dedicated to college writing, and he loved to learn about the kids through their writing.