Spanish Club celebrates Day of the Dead with district elementary school students


On Tuesday, October 30, Poland Seminary High School’s Spanish Club held a “Trunk or Treat” for the district’s elementary schools, K-6.

Mrs. Ramsey, a Spanish Teacher and Spanish Club Adviser, teaches Spanish 2 and Spanish 4 and coordinated the event. The purpose the event was to host a fundraiser for the club. The money raised will go to the Annual PSHS Spanish Club Scholarship which is given to a student who is planning to major or minor in Spanish. Ramsey, also, wanted to infuse the fundraiser with a Mexican cultural component: The Day of the Dead.

The elementary students do not have Halloween parties or parades, so the Spanish Club wanted to include those students as a celebration of the holiday. The high school members were eager to participate in order to make the event a success.

Spanish Club and Mrs. Ramsey thought it went very well since they advertised it the day before the event.

Ramsey said, “We had a great turnout of teenagers decorating their trunks; I think it went really good for this being the first year to do this. Hopefully, we can get to do it every year.”

Mrs. Ramsey said she was glad that all the students loved it and also said, “I just wanted to thank all of the high school students who participate because I didn’t really do much; it was all the high school students joint effort who put it together, and they did a phenomenal job.”