Wishes coming true in Poland


Quintino DeSantis is a third grade student at Poland McKinley Elementary School. Quintino has an immunodeficiency and gets sick very easily, which led medical professionals to submit his name to the Make A Wish Foundation. The foundation called, and Quintino told them his very unique wish: to break dance with Mickey Mouse.

Mrs. Hurdley, the aunt of Quintino and an English Teacher at Poland Seminary High School said, “Ever since the day he was born he has been a champion fighter. If you tell him he can’t do something, he will prove you wrong every single time. He has always had the support of family and friends every step of the way, especially from his twin sister, Giada.”

“His sister is always worried about him, and it was so nice to see both of them finally get a chance to be kids,” Amy DeSantis, Quintino and Giada’s mother, explained.

Mrs. DeSantis also said, “This organization grants children and their siblings the amazing opportunity to take the daily worry away and enjoy the true innocence of childhood.”

Mr. Masucci, the principal at Poland Union Elementary School holds a very close relationship with Quintino. Mr. Masucci said that he and Quintino have a unique bond despite the challenges that Quintino overcomes every day.

He said, “The best word I could use to describe our relationship would be special. It’s impossible not to love him.”

Quintino’s twin sister Giada is always looking out for her brother.

Mr. Masucci said, “His sister is an angel herself for the way she treats her brother. She helps her mom out. She’s just a gem.”

Mr. Masucci said that his favorite memory with Quintino is the collective memory of his progression from kindergarten to third grade. Their goal was to have Quintino spend as much possible time with his classmates as he could.

“He was treated like a rock star,” said Mr. Masucci. 

Being a principal for 10 years at North and Union, he has had the chance 4 or 5 times to help raise money through the PTO and families to grant local children their wishes to go to Disney, and Mr. Masucci was extremely happy to hear that Quintino had his opportunity and got to have his wish fulfilled.

Mr. Masucci said, “It’s one of my favorite places to go. I know they had a great time and that Quintino’s unique wish to break dance with Mickey came true.”

Everyone at Poland Union had the gift of getting to know Quintino.

Mr. Masucci said, “I wish him and his sister Giada the best. Life isn’t easy, and when you have the challenges that Quintino faces, he will overcome so many more.”

Be sure to watch Quintino’s “Make A Wish” story on November 4 from 8-10 pm during ABC’s nationally televised, “Mickey’s 90th Spectacular,” a celebration of Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday. Superstars from music, movies and TV shows will be involved in the celebration of Mickey’s birthday as well as a special on Quintino’s “Make A Wish.”