Poland Players presents Deadly Image


There is a billionaire, a party, a mansion, and a murder. Who is the culprit?

Poland Players’ latest production, Deadly Image, a murder mystery, will be performed on Thursday, November 15 for opening night at 7 PM in Poland Seminary High School’s auditorium. It will also be performed on Friday, November 16th and Saturday November 17th, at the same time. Tickets are sold at the door. The price of admission is $5 for students and senior citizens, and $8 for adults.

The Poland Players have not performed a murder mystery in over seven years.

Mrs. Fonagy, the adviser of Poland Players, said, Deadly Image “was one of the few murder mysteries I have read that wasn’t inane. It was intelligent, thoughtful, and you did not know who did it until the very end.”

Luke Lankitus, who plays the detective, said, “I was excited because we have wanted to do a murder mystery for the past couple years, but she [Mrs. Fonagy] had never really found anything that really interested any of us, so it was really cool to actually find one that was fun, interesting, and exciting like this one.”

Aidan McDanel, the lead role of the private eye named Joey, agreed, “We have been telling Mrs.Fonagy forever to do a murder mystery, and I was so excited–so getting the news that we were doing it was exciting.”

Mrs. Fonagy, talked about the lead role McDanel holds with pride.

Mrs. Fonagy said, “She has the most lines I have ever given a single student ever in my 33 shows, and she is phenomenal.”

McDanel was up for the challenge.

She said, “I was excited but I knew it was a lot to handle because of the amount of lines that I have but I’m really excited now.”

Mrs. Fonagy is looking forward to the final performance this weekend.

Mrs. Fonagy said, “Watching these actors bring these characters to life. I can’t wait to actually see it in costume with an audience when they are responding to the audience, responding to them. I can’t wait.”

McDanel and Lankitus agree that coming to see the show will generate laughter and suspense all the way until the end.

Fonagy said, “I have had a ball working with the cast and crew. We have just sailed through this show and it has been delightful. It makes me even more excited as we go forward, and every fall tells me what I’m looking forward to for the next several years. You see that younger people are getting involved, and I am so excited with who we have and who is expressing interest and the jobs that everyone is doing. I’m delighted, and it tells me Poland Players is just going to keep going and going, and that’s what I’ve worked for.”

From all of the Seminarian staff, break a leg!