Much to be Thankful for at PSHS


Seminarian Staff Writers took to the hallways and classrooms and asked Thanksgiving questions and got a variety of answers. The writers asked what they were most thankful for, favorite Thanksgiving foods, and their Thanksgiving traditions.

Most Thankful For

Senior Ben Adams said, “Friends and family.”

Junior Brooke Bobbey said, “Food, sports, and my dog.”

Junior Alexis Petro said,  “Good health, food.”

Junior Josh Blasko said, “Definitely Aquaman.”

Senior Marlie McConnell  said, “Friends, family, food.”

Senior Courtney Thompson said, “ My dogs.”

Senior Justine Carney said, “Family and Friends.”

Senior Mia Kaschak said, “Family and Friends.”

Senior Sam Russo said, “Family.”

Senior Alex Barth said, “Family.”

Freshman Cole Corey said, “My mom and my two brothers.”

Freshman Brady O’Hara said, “Food.”

Freshman Alex D’ Angelo said, “My two puppies.”

Mrs. Ramsey, Spanish teacher, said, “My kids.”

Mr. Suchora, English teacher, said,  “That my family and friends are happy and healthy.”

Mrs. Walsh, Family and Consumer Science teacher, said, “My family and my students.”

Mr. Brungard, Health and PE teacher, said, “My family, my job, freedom, my faith; heat, water and electricity.”

Senior Simone Izzo said, “My dogs, my family, and my friends.”

Sophomore Haley Trolio said, “My peacock.”

Junior Christin Murcko said, “My best friends and my family.”

Favorite Thanksgiving Food

Senior Ben Adams said, “Stuffing”

Junior Brooke Bobbey said, “Pumpkin Pie”

Junior Alexis Petro said, “Turkey, green bean casserole.”

Junior Josh Blasko said,“Turkey.”

Senior Marlie McConnell said, “Mashed Potatoes.”

Senior Courtney Thompson said, “Mashed Potatoes.”

Senior Justine Carney said, “Mashed Potatoes.”

Senior Mia Kaschak said, “Turkey and stuffing.”

Senior Sam Russo said, “Cranberry Sauce.”

Senior Alex Barth said, “Pumpkin pie.”

Freshman Alex D’ Angelo said, “Ham and pumpkin rolls.”

Mrs. Ramsey Spanish, said, “The stuffing from the turkey.”

Mr. Suchora English teacher, said, “The leftovers.”

Mrs. Walsh said, “Turkey because we almost never have it at my house.”

Mr. Brungard, Health and PE teacher, said, “Pumpkin pie.”

Senior Simone Izzo said, “Sweet potatoes.”

Junior Kristen Murcko said, “Turkey and stuffing.”

Sophomore Haley Trolio said, “Sushi.”

Junior Nola Heuschkel said, “Grapes.”

Thanksgiving Traditions

Senior Ben Adams said, “Go to grandma’s house and put together two tables to cram everyone in a room way too small for everyone.”

Junior Brooke Bobbey said, “Watch football, breaking the wishbone.”

Junior Alexis Petro said, “Family comes over for dinner.”

Junior Josh Blasko said, “Go to my grandma’s house.”

Senior Marlie McConnell said, “Black Friday shopping that night.”

Senior Courtney Thompson said, “The Saturday after, the family puts up the Christmas tree.”

Senior Justine Carney said, “Family comes over for Dinner.”

Senior Mia Kaschak said, “Go over to Grandma’s house.”

Senior Sam Russo said, “Watch football.”

Senior Alex Barth said, “Plays football in the morning.”

Mrs. Ramsey, Spanish teacher said,  “Watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.”

Mr. Suchora, English teacher said, “Breaking the wishbone and playing a game where the first person that talks gets to do the dishes.”

Mr. Brungard, Health and PE teacher said, “Deep fried turkey and family games.”

Senior Simone Izzo said, “Get Christmas tree the next day.”