McCauley and O’Shaughnessy reflect on a goal for the basketball season


Bailey Swogger and Cameron Hubbell

The Poland Seminary Boys Basketball season has begun, and the team is looking forward to another successful season.

There are many ways this team could have decided to measure their success, but the players seemed quite certain on what they were after this year.

Seniors Jeff McCauley and Braeden O’Shaughnessy both said that the state championship is their goal for this season.

Considering the large goal the team has in mind, much effort has been underway.

To be state championship ready, the most important aspect is working together as a unit.

O’Shaughnessy said, “Team Chemistry, once we start moving the ball around better we’ll get better shots, which leads to better quality offensive possessions.”

McCauley added, “Once we add good team chemistry to our game, we’re going to be a pretty dangerous team.”

The team’s next home game will be Friday, December 28 against Boardman. Come out and support the Boys as they strive towards another successful season and their goal of a state championship.