Swimmers reflect on the season


The Swim Team reflects on the season so far. Swimmers Sophomore Camryn Lattanzio and Senior Luke Lankitus both said that the season has been a success thus far, including the fact that the team has had a few swimmers qualify for The Canton Invitational.

Camryn Lattanzio said that she had started swimming after a basketball injury which caused her to not continue playing, so she went back to swimming which is what she did when she was younger.

Lattanzio also said, “Swimming is more of an individual sport, but you also have your teammates to help you through the tough practices, so we all become close on the team.”

Lankitus added, ‘Swimming is a lot of fun although it’s not as popular as the other sports. I think it’s just as much fun for everyone doing it, and there’s a lot of sportsmanship and companionship that we have through it.”

Overall, both swimmers enjoy being on the team and are very excited for the rest of the season and to also see how their hard work pays off.