You Can’t Fight Christmas Film Review


You Can’t Fight Christmas is a romantic comedy on Netflix.  IMDb gave it a 4.5/10, which we feel is only a little low after watching it.

This movie is about a holiday hotel decorator named Leslie and the young future hotel owner named Edmund who meet at the Chesterton Hotel during the Christmas Season. Leslie is a Christmas fan, while Edmund does not share the same sentiment. That is one of the reasons why he tries to end Leslie’s Christmas decorating at the hotel, which Leslie tries to prevent throughout the movie.

Brely Evans, who played Leslie, was very funny and very relatable as was Andra Fuller, who played Edmund.

Millicent, who was Edmund’s more professional business partner, helped to convey some sophisticated humor along with silly humor towards the end.

Some of the scenes seemed to be unrealistic and overdone. It seemed as though the message was aimed at children rather than adults.

The movie was trying to convey that people should be happy at Christmas time and appreciate friends and loved one.

We would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys watching cheesy Christmas movies that is humorous without having some deep meaning behind it. We would not recommend this film to anyone under the age of 11 because of the use of foul language and alcohol. This movie is rated TV- PG, but we both think it needs a different rating, like PG-13, because of its content. We give this movie a 7/10.