New Poland Interact Club at PSHS


Lily Baird, Editor in Chief

Interact Club is a new club at Poland Seminary High School founded by the Poland’s Rotary Club and is open to all high school students who want to volunteer and help in their community. Mr. Martin is the club adviser and helps lead the student run organization.

Mr. Martin plans on having the students interact with the rotary club and coordinate with some of their local projects.

“We already have one of their members coming in to meetings, Mr. Passarelli; he basically was the jump starter of the club. They funded our group with an initial balance of 200 dollars, and I think we would like to interact with them as much as possible.”

Mr. Martin feels that this will not only be good for the community but also for the members now and in their future.

“I think that the group of students who have shown up already have selflessness instilled in them. The sense of being rewarded by knowing you are helping those in need is something you can’t really teach.”

Mr. Martin also noted that this experience will be ideal for building leadership.

He said, the students “can also use this as a resume builder whether it be for a job or a college application.”

The officers of the club agree, saying how much it can help them in the future.

Sophomore Madison Wess, who was elected secretary of the club,  talked about how much she thinks the club is going to help her.

“People should really think about joining because it gives you many chances to volunteer and get involved with the community which will not only build character, but will look great on college applications.”

Senior Galena Lopuchovsky agrees with Wess on how much it can help underclassmen in different ways.

Lopuchovsky said, the club is especially great for “anyone looking for volunteer hours, especially freshman and sophomores who want to be in National Honors Society and need service hours to fulfill the requirement. It is also a good building of character and helps with applications.”

Mr. Martin explains that it is not too late to still join the club;  “We are welcome to more members. Anyone who stands for community service and is a selfless person, we would like to have them at meetings. Whether you’re an athlete, in Academic Challenge, in Speech & Debate, or in the play. The club is open to anybody, and our schedule is very flexible. Just because you miss a meeting doesn’t mean you can’t be in the club.”

See Mr. Martin if you would like to be a member.