Poland Wind Ensemble qualifies for state


Saturday, March 9, the students in the Wind Ensemble participated in the Ohio Music Education Association District five large group band and choir adjudicated event, also known as large group band. This event is attended by a variety of schools in the area, including schools like Poland, Springfield, Crestview, and Lakeview. The Poland Seminary High School musicians received a 1 at the event which is the highest score, therefore qualifying them for state.

The bands perform for a panel of three judges. First, the musicians perform three rehearsed pieces in the auditorium and receive a rating from a set of judges. Then, participants sight read a piece that they are unfamiliar with and then that judge gives them another rating based on the same system. The musicians gather a total of four ratings and those combine to make a composite score from 1-5.

Mr. Penney explained that he feels it is important for the students to participate in this event and that the student musicians are impacted positively.  

He said, “We have been participating in this event for as long as anyone here can remember. It’s a good event for the kids to perform for other people that aren’t me or Mr. Hvizdos to get a fresh perspective on things. It is good to get comments from someone who doesn’t know our bands and who is not from around here. It is important for our kids to get feedback on how well they play.”

Senior Ben Adams, percussionist, said, “It was a fun experience that I’ve been a part of every year. Poland was the only school district that both high school and middle school bands got the highest score, which was really cool.”

Sophomore Jordyn Kopp, also a percussionist, weighed in with her opinion on the event.

“It was hard to prepare for it, but I feel like playing was easy and non stressful. A lot of the kids are really excited about going to state and think it will be a great opportunity.”  

The Wind Ensemble members will compete at state on the 26 or 27 of April 2019.