PSHS students weigh in on March Madness


Bailey Swogger, Cameron Hubbell , and

Every March, college basketball takes over the country when the NCAA Tournament starts, also known as “March Madness.” This is when 68 teams have the opportunity to compete for the National Championship in a large single elimination bracket.

After four play-in games to eliminate the teams to 64, there is an official bracket released to the public. This bracket is filled out by millions around the country.

We asked some of our own student body about their brackets and a few questions involving the tournament.

Out of the portion of people we asked, the most selected team to win was the Duke Blue Devils.

This team is highlighted by young talent and as Junior Zach Kassem claims, “They have too much talent not to pick.”

Other teams commonly picked was Virginia, who Junior Jake Bacon says, “Has the experience” and also North Carolina, favorited because they are, “A great rebounding team and they play very well in transition” as said by Junior Antonio Gay.

One thing that is inevitable about the tournament is that there will be plenty of upsets. A few of our students weighed in on their picks for this years “Cinderella team.”

Senior Ian Lu chose Ohio State to pull some upsets because of his “Buckeye Pride.”

Junior Tyler Berry picked 12th seeded Oregon to go to his Sweet Sixteen because of their experience playing bigger programs. Despite being the favorite to win the tournament, Senior Brennen Testa selected Duke as his underdog team because “they don’t have much talent, but their coach can take them far.”

Finally, this tournament is highlighted with exciting stars such as Zion Williamson of Duke and Ja Morant of Murray State, so we asked around at what everyone was most excited about for the tournament.

Seniors Sarah Bury and Stephen Bannon both said they look forward to this year’s upsets.

Senior Carson Magni said that he is most excited to see Duke lose, and Junior Josh Blasko is looking forward to seeing, “Coby White’s (North Carolina) big hair flopping around.”

Everyone will be paying close attention to each and every game, whether they love the upsets, their team, or their bracket. The interest and surprise that comes from every game really helps to define what everyone is looking forward to this March, as Jake Bacon says, “The Madness.”