Bulldog basketball stars reach 1,000 point milestone


Bailey Swogger and Camero Hubbell

This season, three Bulldog Basketball Stars reached a milestone of 1,000 points. Sarah Bury, Daniel Kramer, and Braeden O’Shaughnessy have shined in the blue and white for each of their four years here.

Obviously, as incoming freshmen, the thousand point mark seemed quite distant and not really thought about between the three.

O’Shaughnessy said, “I never really thought about it when I was a freshman, it just seemed crazy far away at the time and I was just happy to be out there doing everything I can to contribute to the team as a freshman.”

Kramer also had no idea he would hit the thousand point mark.

Bury’s answer was similar as she said, “As a freshman, I thought it’d be nice to reach the thousand mark, but I never really expected it or set it as a goal because I just wanted to be a team player and get as many wins as possible in my career.”

The three seniors explained what helped them make this goal achievable.

O’Shaughnessy said, “Definitely my teammates for getting me the ball and for putting me in the position to score. My coaches for making me into a better player than I ever thought I’d be. Also my family for the amount of support they’ve given me in everything since I was a kid.”

Kramer said, “This milestone was made achievable for me because of all the great teammates I have had, all being great team players and great passers. Also a great coaching staff.”

Bury also highlighted what made her successful, “My teammates and coaches obviously helped me become a better player, all four years of my career we’ve had a good team that scores a lot of points and we’ve also had great team chemistry, and lastly hard work.”

With such a great accomplishment, it was a wonder if they were even aware of the bucket that would push them to 1,000 point mark during the rush of the game. 

O’Shaughnessy said, “I was not aware at the time but afterward I was told that I was one short and was shooting a free throw which my family was expecting me to make and reach 1,000. Then I missed so it took another couple minutes before I could reach it and go celebrate with my family for a minute before getting back in the game.”

Kramer was aware because prior to the game, Coach Grisdale told him that he was only nine points away from 1,000.

Bury was also not aware at the time; she said, “I had no idea, the whole team knew but me. When I had the ball I was planning on just running the normal offense but then (Coach) Blanch was yelling “Sarah shoot it, shoot it!” so I did and as soon as the buzzer sounded that’s when I knew I had it.”

Throughout the two great careers, both of them have had, there have been favorite memories of each of their careers. O’Shaughnessy said his favorite memory was beating Canfield a few times throughout his career. Kramer’s favorite moment was being named WKBN Player of the Game after beating Canfield his Junior Year. Finally, Bury’s favorite memories were beating Lakeview to tie as conference champions her sophomore year and beating Ursuline in the playoffs her Junior year.

The three players elaborated on what made this accomplishment so special and how it defines their great careers.

O’Shaughnessy said, “Scoring 1,000 points alone is a great accomplishment which makes it special but it also reflects how much success the team has had over the last few years especially when we might have another 1,000 point scorer before the end of the season. To have two in the same class is pretty special.”

Kramer said, “This accomplishment was special because I can see how all the work I put in during the offseason every year paid off.”

Bury said, “It was important to me because it was at home against Mooney which is a pretty important game, and my family and team were all there to celebrate and that made it special to me.”