Poland Players presents Shrek The Musical


The Poland Players are performing Shrek the Musical on April 4-6 at 7 PM at Poland Seminary High School.

When Mrs. Fonagy, Poland Players Director, announced the musical title, this year, the enthusiasm was contagious.

Mrs. Fonagy said, “I am not even exaggerating; there was a roar in the room. Now, I’ve had kids be excited before, but there was an actual roar in the room.”

A musical like Shrek humanizes a fictional cartoon character and many fairy tale characters in a humorous way.

“A character that is supposed to be an animal is suddenly very human,” said Mrs. Fonagy, “or the actors break the fourth wall a lot, which makes it even funnier to have them do an aside to the audience. That isn’t something that we get to do all of the time.”

A veteran to the stage, Senior Luke Lankitus, is playing the lead role of Shrek.

Lankitus said, “I was really happy to receive this role because I’ve always loved Shrek, and the role has turned out to be a fun challenge and a great way for me to finish my high school theater career.”

Another leading role will be performed by Senior Maguire Franko who is playing the role of Lord Farquaad.

Franko said, “I was excited because I thought it was a funny role.”

Additionally, sophomore Anthony Koulianos is playing the lead role of Donkey, a silly, fun-loving friend of Shrek, who always stays by his side.

Recounting a personal connection to Donkey, Koulianos reminisced about his early memories with his character.

He said, “Ever since I was really little, I loved watching the movie, and Donkey always made me laugh, so I am so happy that I get to make people laugh.”

Mrs. Fonagy is optimistic about the performance and conveyed that the cast “has all just nailed their parts all the way around; I can’t say enough. They play their parts so well, and all of the kids have embraced everything, and no matter how silly it has been, it’s truly magical.”