The Status of Statistics


A new class has been added to the math curriculum this year at PSHS. The class is Statistics and is taught by the Algebra I and Geometry teacher, Mrs. Haug. 

This is Mrs. Haug’s third year at PSHS and her first teaching Statistics. She taught at the middle school prior to moving to the high school.

According to Mrs. Haug, there are 27 students taking Statistics this year, and she is happy to have a full class with students who show interest in the subject. 

She said, “I’m really happy with the student interest in it and glad I have a full group. So far, it’s been a lot of fun.”

Since Statistics is different from Algebra and Geometry, Mrs. Haug has taken a more hands on approach to teaching the new class. 

She said, “I’m trying to do a lot more projects in this class, a lot of real world projects.”

The new class offers the opportunity for students who are looking into careers and college majors to explore their interests.

“Statistics is in almost every field and can be applicable to every major, especially business majors or anyone who wants to go into sports marketing,” said Mrs. Haug.

Students who are planning majors that require statistics are taking advantage of the new course. 

Senior Tyler Berry said, “Statistics is also involved with the major I would like to go into so having the opportunity to take a stats class in high school seemed very beneficial to me.”

Senior Mason McCurdy shares Berry’s view of how it will help him in the future.

“Because it will benefit me in my future career, this class will give me a good idea of how business and marketing work,” said McCurdy. 

For many seniors looking for other options as opposed to taking the standard Pre-Calculus, this is an available alternative; however, Mrs. Haug did note that some students have decided to double up and take both Pre-Calculus and Statistics.

Senior Payton Jakovina commented on why she wanted to take both classes stating, “I wanted  to take both maths because I like math. I excel in math.” 

Being able to read and understand graphs are a big part of the class, according to Berry. 

All three students agree that this class would be beneficial to underclassmen who are interested in business, and application of oneself in order to succeed is a must.