New Year, New Staff


This school year, Poland Seminary High School welcomed in the newest staff member, Mrs. Calderon. Calderon is the new guidance counselor.

She graduated from Poland Seminary High School, and soon after, pursued a college degree at the University of Mount Union.

Calderon said that she started in early childhood education and taught for six years before continuing in higher education.

The return to Poland was a fairly easy transition for the former student. Calderon has had a lot of excitement coming into the new school year and has had a tremendous amount of support from fellow staff members. 

With the support of the other staff members, Ms Calderon would like students to be aware of her revamped open door policy, so students can know that they have a trustworthy person that they can turn to. 

“I want to be as visible as possible so if that means going into classrooms and trying to get to know the students that way first. I just feel like being visible is very important so that gives students the opportunity to get to know me a little bit, and then students will know my door is always open,” stated Calderon.

Calderon is hoping to get to know the students at PSHS very well in the upcoming school year. 

Remember, her door is always open! Make sure to give her a warm welcome!