Get A Clue on The New Fall Play


Emma Poland and Madison Genova

The Poland Players are going to leave everyone guessing with the new production of Clue at Poland Seminary High School. The opening night is Thursday, November 21 at 7 PM. 

The play will reoccur on Friday, November 22 and Saturday, November 23 at 7 PM as well. 

In the past, there has been amazing shows and performances that have come from the Poland Players, and this time is no different. Everyone from cast to crew has been working hard and  giving it their all.

This play is nothing like the Poland Player’s have done before, and with a smaller cast, it made the decision of casting the play even more difficult. For Poland Players Director, Mrs. Fonagy, she was challenged with the casting.

Mrs. Fonagy said that casting was difficult this year.

After deliberation, Anthony Koulianos, a junior at Poland Seminary High School, stood out, and Fonagy knew that he would deliver an amazing performance as Wadsworth, the butler, and would not disappoint. 

Koulianos has high expectations for the upcoming play.

Koulianos said, “Seeing how well our production of Shrek went last year, my expectations are really high. All of the parts are really coming together, so I’m very excited.” 

Along with Koulianos, other members of the cast have high expectations as well. 

Junior, Erin Morell, who plays Scarlett, stated, “I think the play is going to take off; we have a really good cast, and the comedy in the play is great.”

Hannah Misko, senior at Poland Seminary High School, who plays Mrs. Peacock, stated, “I’m very excited about everything, from how the cast is going to do to how the set is going to look. It’s really exciting.”

In addition to a skilled cast on stage, there has to be a reliable production crew behind the scenes to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Seniors, Adeline Schweers and Nate Garthwaite along with the rest of the stage crew are working hard behind the curtain to make sure everyone and everything is in place.

Schweers said, “We rehearse everyday, so we can see where everyone is going to stand.” 

The Poland Players have put in time and effort in creating complementary sets. 

Garthwaite stated, “We go through the entire show; we build our sets from scratch on Saturday as well.”

Not only is the small cast a different but also the pacing of this particular play.

Mrs. Fonagy said, “I  feel that this production is very different than what we have done in the past. The scene changes are so rapid; it adds a very interesting dynamic because as an audience, all you see is the curtain drawn.”

The crew undergoes rapid scene changes that can sometimes be very difficult. 

Schweers stated, “There’s cuts, torn pants, broken props; it’s chaotic. If one thing gets messed up, everything goes bad.’’

However, with practice, Poland Players is prepared for the challenge.

Also, Mrs. Fonagy shed light on future of Poland Players and how the freshman class is showing a promising attitude. 

Fonagy said, “The freshmen participants this year are so excited to be a part of this production.”

She added, “They are so eager and amazingly talented, and they definitely don’t shy away from the older kids. I’m very excited to say the future of Poland Players looks very strong.”

The cast and crew are very excited to showcase all of their hard work to the community. 

Come and support the Poland Players and be left on the edge of your seat. It will not disappoint!