Get Some Common Sense on the Common App


In recent years, the way applying to college has evolved from paper and pencil to just a few simple clicks on the computer. The Common App has taken over the way a student applies to some colleges. 

The Common App is an application that any student can use to apply to the college of their choosing and  is a time saver for the students that are already worried about the big transition from high school to college.

Mrs. Calderon, Guidance Counselor at Poland Seminary High School, said, “ The Common App is beneficial for the students because it saves time on applications, and once you have completed the forms, you do not have to redo most forms.”   

The Common App provides important information and resources to make the decision easier for the student. Also, the Common App can answer the hard hitting questions that the eager student may have at the process of applying to a college and put their worries at bay.  

Reese Ho, a senior at Poland Seminary High School, said, “ The Common App was really easy to use; it also gives you lots of instructions to help you with the process.”

The Common App has become so much more popular recently; it leaves people asking, why?

Mrs. Calderon stated, “I think the app has become a lot more popular because colleges want to get on the same page of the students. It’s also easier and students can access it anytime.”

Reese Ho said, “I would rather use the Common App rather than the traditional way to apply to college because the app saves time, and it’s much easier.”

As the ways of the world continue to change, The Common App continues to evolve with it and make people’s lives simpler. The Common App is a great way to make the college process more enjoyable and easier.