Athlete of the Month: Lauren Melillo (October)


Name: Lauren Melillo

Sport: Volleyball, #4

Key stat(s) / accomplishment(s): All district junior year, all conference sophomore and junior year.

Pre Game Meal: “It changes sometimes, but my favorite is spaghetti.”

Key motivation: Teammates

Is volleyball your favorite sport?: Yes

Why do you play volleyball?: “I picked it up in seventh grade, and I have loved it ever since.”

If you got to start your volleyball career over, what would you do differently: “Put less pressure on myself; I play much better now when I’m relaxed.”

What do you do in the offseason to make yourself better?: “I play club and workout.”

How do you feel about your recent success?: “I can’t take the credit because volleyball is a team sport, and every single person plays a vital role to contribute to the team’s success.”

Name one thing you really appreciate about your volleyball experience : “The relationships I’ve built, everything I’ve learned, and the support from my friends and family.”

Photo Provided by: Lauren Melillo