November Athlete of the Month: Gianna Stanich


Gianna Stanich was one of 12 seniors throughout the state of Ohio selected to compete against 6 other states in the MidEast Meet of Champions on November 16.

Name: Gianna Stanich

Sport: Cross Country 

Pre-Game Meal: Pasta with Chicken

Music: Post Malone

Key motivation: “Just working hard for my team and because I know they are in the same pain I am.”

What is your favorite sport? Track

Why do you run cross country? “I like to get to know everyone and meeting new people from it.”

If you got to start your cross country career over what would you do differently: “I don’t think I would have done anything differently. I like the sport as it is.”

What do you do in the off season to make yourself better? “I swim and run indoor to stay in shape for outdoor.”

How do you feel about your recent success?  “It was cool going as a team and getting to experience it as a team rather than individually.”

Name one thing you really appreciate about your cross country  experience: “How supportive everyone is and when someone is having a bad day someone is always there for you.”

Photo provided by Gianna Stanich.