Physics Class is Making Their Way to The Olympics


Ever seen a machine that can fly? Many of us have seen a flying machine like a drone, but has anyone ever seen one made from wood?  Well, everyone can at the Physics Olympics that takes place at YSU on February the 23.

The Physics Olympics described by Mrs. McGee, the Physics Teacher at Poland Seminary High School, said, “The Physics Olympics is teams from different high schools around Ohio that compete in competitions that involve using physics. For example, there’s a Quiz Show, Flying Machine that’s made from wood, Hot Water Making, Egg Drop, and Wooden Catapults, which our class is partaking in this year, and there’s so many more events. At the end, the winning teams win gift cards too.”

Poland Seminary High School has been attending the Physics Olympics as long as she can remember. 

“The school has been going even before I started to teach here,” said McGee.

The Physics Class last year took home two trophies in second place, one of them being in the music, making portion of the competition. The music making involves having to assemble an object that can make music that is made entirely out of wood.  The second competition was the egg drop portion; this involves having to drop an egg from 8 flights of stairs, ensuring it doesn’t break. Also, the competitors are given a piece of paper and tape. 

Mrs. McGee said, “I’m very excited to see this year’s results, and it’s a really cool event. It’s very fun to watch everything be made and how people figure things out.”

So, be sure to show your fellow classmates support and go to the Physics Olympics; anyone can go and attend this exciting event. The event is held at YSU on February 23. Hope to see everyone there!