A Goodbye to One of Poland’s Finest


One of our most loved staff members are leaving us in January of this year.

Mrs. Hobart is planning her retirement for the middle of this year after 30 years of working in the Poland School District, starting in the elementary schools in 1989 and then transferring to Poland Seminary High School in August of 1995.

When asked why she decided to switch from McKinley Elementary to PSHS, her answer was very simple: PSHS offered her a full time job which wasn’t available to her at McKinley at the time.

Although we all know Mrs. Hobart as the secretary that we go to for information, it might come as a surprise to know that she wasn’t always a secretary. 

When Mrs. Hobart first started working for Poland Schools, she was hired as a monitor; before then, she worked in the library and the computer lab at McKinley.

We all know how hard Mrs. Hobart works and how much she does to help everyone, and she was finally recognized for her hard work when she received The Distinguished Staff Member award.

Mrs. Hobart was anonymously nominated for this award earlier this year but was selected by the Poland Schools Foundation. The award was presented to her at the Poland Foundation Dinner where colleagues of Hobart’s spoken on her behalf.

 “A memorable moment for me would have to be the award I just got; that was really neat. Mrs. Volosin introduced me and spoke a little bit about me before I got the award and so did Mr. Janofa.”

Mrs. Hobart may be leaving us, but she wants the students to know that she will miss us.

“I would like them to know that I enjoyed working with the people at PSHS, and I’m going to miss them, but not too much! February, I’m going to Disney World.”

She may be leaving us, but she’s also leaving us with something too. 

“I feel lucky to be able to leave on my own terms.  I am retiring from work, not from life!”

So, make sure to say your goodbyes and say thank you to Mrs. Hobart for putting so much hard work into her job and making our lives easier without us even knowing.

Congratulations on your upcoming retirement, Mrs. Hobart. Enjoy every second of it.