The Poland Players Start Off With a Bang


The Poland Players of Poland Seminary High School have done it again.  They gave another outstanding performance of another dazzling performance.

The entire cast gave it their all, and it showed. Every line was delivered with confidence, and every punch line was fast. The audience could definitely see how much work and dedication the cast put into this performance. 

The same can be said for a well oiled machine that is called the stage crew.  Everyone behind the curtain knew every props place on stage and made sure that everything went smoothly to keep the play rolling

The play had so many twists and turns. It made it diffcult to try to predict the murder, but that was the whole point of the plot of the play. It definitely kept everyone in the audience on the edge of their seats.

Everyone’s eyes were glued onto the stage watching the whirlwind of a play unfold. The question in everyone’s mind was definitely, who did it?  There was no way of telling who actually did it, the cast portrayed their roles so realistically that the question was eating at the audience.

The play overall was amazing and one not to forget. It was something that the Poland Players have not done before, but it was hands down one of the best plays they have done. 

The Poland Players are working on their new Spring play The Addams Family . So, be sure to come out and show some support to these amazing actors, actresses, and the stage crew. They work so incredibly hard to achieve the great work they produce.