Lamport Shares Thanksgiving Message

Carly Ungaro and Ariana Williams

On Tuesday, November 26, 2019, students of Poland Seminary High School gathered to attend the annual Thanksgiving Assembly given by their elected class officers Andrew Slaven, Amelia Mason, Jayin Kaden, and Nina Matzye and former PSHS teacher and coach, Reid Lamport. Mr. Lamport gave a keynote speech to the students and focused the speech on being aware of who you are thankful for and thanking them. 

When asked how he feels being given the opportunity to come back to Poland High School to speak to the students, Lamport said, “Awesome. The feeling never goes away to be around young and energetic people. That’s why I love coming back here and talking to the football team. It pumps me up to see young people excited about school and sports.”  

Lamport emphasized the importance of not only being thankful for the things one has, but also the people in one’s life. As he spoke, Lamport pulled out an hourglass to show how time moves faster than people think, so it is essential to thank those who you are thankful for when you have the chance. 

“It takes us being intentional to [express thanks] because we feel thankful, but it’s difficult sometimes to express that feeling, so we need to look for ways in which to express our thanks giving to others,” he said.

Mr. Lamport retired from teaching after 37 years and coaching football in 2011. Shortly after, in 2012, he retired from coaching softball. He now serves as a full time pastor at the Church of the Rock. 

Lamport says, “It is great being a full time pastor. I miss coaching, I miss the interaction with the kids, the competition and adrenaline rush you get from competing, but doing what I am doing I feel called, that this is what I’m to do and I am very thankful for being able to serve God in the capacity that I do.”