Got Blood?


Summer Bailing, Staff Writer

The Annual PSHS Blood Drive is coming up and student council is starting to prepare. If you’re planning on giving blood and don’t know how, here’s what to know.

When it comes to the blood drive, many people might not know how much preparation goes into it. Mrs. Lunevich, the student council adviser, explains how student council isn’t the only group involved, and it is not so simple.

“Every year, the Red Cross contacts us; they pick a date, and we make sure it works, and if it does, then they send out all of their materials like advertising materials and things like that, and I assign student council, making sure all of the lunch sign ups are covered, and student council officers are required to work the day of the blood drive we have tables set up and make sure everything runs smoothly and try to stay on time as much as we can stay on time.”

Overall, student council works hard to prepare for this event with the help of Interact Club members.

With everything set up and ready to go the day of the blood drive, students may be anxious, and they may not know how to prepare. 

According to Mrs. Lunevich, simply just don’t skip any meals.

Besides yourself, there are a few things that you’ll have to bring with you.

For all students, you’ll have to bring some sort of ID. However, for students under 18, not only will you need ID, but you will also need a permission slip signed by a parent or guardian that you’ll either have to bring with you the day you give blood or give it to Mrs. Lunevich beforehand.

What about after donating blood?

Lunevich said, “Most students after that 15 minutes of relaxing and having a snack, go back to class with no problem.”

Last year, the blood drive had 40 students sign up to donate; however, because of certain requirements, like weight, height, and iron levels, only 19 were able to give blood.

Even if you think you won’t meet the requirements, sign up and find out because giving blood can make a big difference to people in need .

I feel as long as we have a lot of students attempting to donate, then I call that a win.”

So if you’re thinking about donating, take in consideration all the information and also remember that you can opt out at any time. 

Keep an eye out for sign ups.