Running to Success


Emma Poland and Madison Genova

The time of year for one of the most intense outside sports is coming up quickly. Track and Field is a sport that many enjoy partaking in, and those who do are excited for this new season.

One of the many enjoy the intense sport is Gianna Stanich, a senior. She is looking forward to this upcoming season.

“I’m very excited for this season because it’s my senior year and also sad because it’s my last year,” said Stanich.

Stanich has been on the Poland’s Track Team for her entire high school career; she has hopes of breaking the school record in the mile for her senior year. 

“My goals for this year are to beat the school record in the mile and make it to state,” said Stanich.

Track and Field Coach, Mark Brungard, also has high hopes for this upcoming season. 

Coach Brungard said, “I am excited for this season of track, and I’m curious to see what the team will look like together as whole and how they work together.”

Coach Brungard is looking forward to seeing everyone on the team improve their abilities. 

“There are a lot of very talented kids returning this year, and there are some new kids, so I just want to see improvement from all of them so they can all accomplish their own goals this year,” said Brungard.

This year, the track and field team sounds like they are going to sprint their way to state. We are excited about what this year brings for everyone on the team.

Be sure to attend the first track and field meet at Poland Seminary High School on Tuesday March 31st.