Learning to Learn From Home

Emma Poland and Madison Genova

During these crazy times in the world, kids all around the world are having to learn how to learn at home.

Currently, kids from preschool to college are at home doing all of their classes online. With that being said, it is not an easy transition, going from learning in a school with the teacher right there to ask any question you might have, to having your notes for that day sent to you and emailing your teacher any question.

To make the transition easier for the many kids who are now having to learn from home, here are some simple tips and tricks I myself use everyday.

I try my hardest to follow my old routine when I was physically going to school. I found that it helps me keep everything in order and gives me structure. 

Being out of school obviously gives everyone the option of sleeping in; however, try steering away from this because sleeping in will only cause you problems. The later you sleep, the more you get behind on school work. 

It is also very easy to get distracted and to daydream during an online assignment. To stay on track and to continue my work, I like to listen to music; it keeps me from getting bored and keeps me focused.

Keeping in touch with friends and teachers has really helped me as well. Keeping  that communication between everyone helps; teachers are definitely a great source of help with our school work. Staying in touch with friends that you used to see everyday is really good too; they can also help with school and remind you when certain assignments are due.

I hope that everyone is staying through these difficult times in the world!