Savoring Senior Year


With the unique situation that millions of students all around the world are facing, it is important to recognize the seniors who are losing what is supposed to be the best year of high school. 

From the moment they enter high school, they dream about their final year and all the rite of passage experiences like senior prom and commencement. The thought of these events being taken away is troublesome.

Senior Maddie Pushay said, “I have dreamt of both events my whole life. Having spent so much money on my dress already and having spent so much on a cap and gown? I would be devastated.”

Many seniors at Poland Seminary High School are trying to make the best of the situation. Pushay along with seniors Alexa Black and Cierra Craig say they keep in contact with their friends through text messages and Facetime. Social media is also a great way to remain close.

Black says, “I’ve also been on social media more than I usually am.”

The seniors also agree that keeping busy is an efficient way to cope with being away from school. 

Pushay said, “I’ve been doing homework, cleaning, painting, exercising, going on runs and walking my dogs. I have also caught up on many shows I’ve been intending to watch.”

Within the next few weeks, it is imperative that people follow Governor Mike DeWine’s to give these seniors the year that they deserve. Stay home and stay safe.