Alone Together: Class of 2020


Marialana Gajdos, Senior Staff Writer

This is my twelfth year of education at Poland Schools. Every year before senior year was just a reminder that we had senior year to look forward to. 

Everyone always said, “It’ll be the best year yet,” and “Make this one unforgetable.” Although, during this epidemic, this is the first time I had to take online classes due to the “Stay Home” orders ordered by the Governor of Ohio, Mike Dewine. 

One thing I find nice about not having to physically go to the high school for my education is that I do not have to get ready at seven in the morning. 

Other than that I can not give anyone one reason why I would prefer online education. In school, I was never the type of kid who enjoyed being there. I would go in late and even try to leave early. My attendance may not have been perfect, but being able to go into school to see friends and teachers who may have felt like a second family is the main reason I miss being in school. 

Walking the halls everyday made me feel like I had something to live for with the underclass looking up to our class knowing that this was our final year together in this chapter of our lives. 

Yes, I do believe some took this for granted. If we knew this was going to happen I feel as though I would have appreciated the little things in life a lot more, and I would have tried to enjoy every moment I had as a senior at Poland Seminary High School.