Senior class officers create their own Instagram page to honor graduating seniors


It is no secret that this year’s senior class isn’t going to end the year exactly how they had imagined. The staff, faculty, and students are finding many ways to make the situation better and give the class of 2020 a great ending to the year despite the circumstances.

With that being said, the senior class officers have started an Instagram page (@polandseniorclass2020) that allows students to be featured in their own post about what school they will be attending next year and what they will be majoring in.

Students are finally finding out their plans for the future, and it is unfortunate that they are unable to tell people at school about their plans and feel excited about it. 

One of the main people involved in the creation and the production of the Instagram account is senior class president Nina Matzye.

When asked about the idea of the Instagram account, Nina said, “Having the Instagram page that shows our seniors and where they are headed in their future is reminiscent of the idea of our senior cookout. Although we are not all together wearing our university’s t-shirts, this provides a virtual display instead.”

Nina also says, “It is important for our seniors to experience everything that comes with being a senior. Since we are in a difficult situation, this page allows us to feel recognized just like senior classes before us. It is not exactly the same, but every act of support helps us stay strong.”

According to Nina, the account has been a huge success so far. She says, “We are so happy with the number of students who participated in sharing their information to get posted! Once we realized how many people loved the idea, we knew what we were doing mattered. People loved it so much our Instagram page crashed twice!”

If you have not already, find the account @polandseniorclass2020 on Instagram and send them a DM (direct message) of one of your senior pictures, the institution you plan on attending, and your intended major. If you do not have an Instagram, you can either email Nina at [email protected], or you can have a friend send your information to the Instagram account.

Thank you so much Nina and the rest of the senior class officers for putting together this page for the class of 2020!