Different Study Spaces for Students


Emma Poland and Madison Genova

With many schools closing, students have had to find ways to stay focused while doing their school work.

The best way to ensure that the work gets done and at the same time stay on task is finding a study space.

Some students may find that their room is the best place for them; they’re in their own space. Other students will find other rooms in their homes to make into their study space.

In a study space, it’s important that the space should be quiet, organized, and comfortable. With these three key items, it will be the ultimate study space. 

Having a quiet space is very important with no background noise or having people walking around the work will be done quicker. 

Being organized in the space is a great way to have quick accessibility to important papers from school or books.

With a comfortable study space, it will make the hours spent in the room easier, and it will make the space more pleasing.

Poland Seminary High School Senior, Alyssa Jenkins said, “I usually study in my room at my desk because it is quiet, and I can focus better.”

Another Senior at Poland Seminary High School said, “ It all really depends on what mood I am in. If I want a really quiet study space, I’ll go in my room, but sometimes, I’ll go in the living room.”

Every student has a different space that they find easier to focus and get their work done. 

There is no right or wrong space; if that space works for a student, and they are able to work, then it is a great study space for them.

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!

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