Going Outside in the Midst of a Pandemic


As a result of many retail stores, entertainment businesses, and dine-in restaurants closing to the public, finding ways to stay busy during this time can be somewhat difficult. One of the best ways to combat cabin fever is to get some fresh air-within social distancing rules of course. 

Luckily, for many residents of the area, Youngstown is home to the 2,658 acres of land known as Mill Creek Park. There is plenty of space for people to enjoy the outdoors and still maintain safe practices. One of my favorite spots in particular is Fellows Riverside Gardens. Springtime is the perfect time to visit as the flowers come into bloom. 

Ever since the social distancing rules have been in place, more and more people are taking advantage of spending time in nature. On my walk, I noticed more people in the park than usual. Many families with young children used it as an opportunity to get some energy out of their system. 

Besides the people in the park, I also took note of the animals as the birds seemed to be chirping louder. With less people traveling in cars and on planes, the decrease in pollution had seemed to have an impact on the environment. According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, air quality has been largely improved and there has been a reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides. 

Through this experience, I have realized everyone could use a dose of nature while the world fights this virus. After all of this is over, it is important to remember what we turned to as a source of relief- the beauty of nature.