Nature Walk

Nature Walk

We went for a walk on a beautiful Tuesday evening through our neighborhood, and it was warm, sunny, and the wind was just right while outside walking around. 

It does not seem like the corona virus even affected anyone because all you see is a lot of people walking or jogging or even riding bikes. 

Also, a lot of kids are playing outside, and adults are grilling on the grill and just having a good time.

It honestly didn’t seem like anything was different than last spring, just enjoying nature and getting out of the house during this pandemic.

The flowers are starting to bloom, and there is the fresh smell of cut grass and beautiful weather. 

I would still go on a walk if the coronavirus and quarantine wasn’t a thing because I love nature, and it is always fun to get out and go on an adventure, or just walk through the neighborhood.

I’ve learned a lot going on a walk, and that is that a lot of people can still enjoy their lives even though we are locked at home. 

You can find many at home activities to do and or chores around the house or even a project that you’ve always wanted to do but never had time to do. 

I think that if everyone comes together as one big family and works together as a team and listens to the government on what they want us to do, then we can get through this, together because team work makes the dream work.