A Walk in Poland Woods


Tired of being bored, so my friend and I decided to go for a walk in the Poland Woods. If the stay at home orders did not exist, I most likely would still go for a walk in the woods, but not as often as I do during the pandemic. 

While walking we noticed the beauty of nature; following many different trails, we only got lost a few times, but we were always able to find our way back. 

Also, the wildflowers (Bluebells) have bloomed, and the trees are starting to look full again. 

What I have learned from this experience was that there is a lot more in the world to see. 

People need to get out more often and discover the beauty of the world. 

However, with high hopes of the virus going away, I plan to get out a lot more and travel with friends. From walks to bike rides and even road trips, I want to be able to see the world from a greater perspective.